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Salmon on the Ponoi River

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To fly fish in one of the unspoilt and unexplored areas of the world, visit the Ponoi river on the Kola Peninsula in Russia. The Ponoi river is a wide slow moving river which runs out to the Barrets sea, laying north of the artic circle, where the salmon still know little of an artifical fly. Many tributaries, like the great Ponoi itself, hold salmon. The yet under explored and hard to reach destination is one of the most prestine fly fishing areas in the world left, and any fly fishing visitors should exercise great care to ensure this classical fly fishing destination is preserved for generations to come.

The Ponoi is a large, open river, with pools that are long and wide. Many of the pools can be fished by wading and bank casting, while others are better fished from an achored boat moved through the pools gradually.

When to Go
The summer months are generally considered to be from June to September, but the short spring can run into June and September quite often sees the onset of the harsh winter conditions. September, the temperature can drop down to 30F at nights and not really get above 50F during the day. As with any location this far north, the weather can change rapidly and suitable clothing should be included on your vacation checklist.

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