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"Remember that instead of just throwing a weight, we are unrolling a weight - the fly line - in the air"
-- John Merwin on Fly Casting

bitcoin Fly fishing tackle has progressed a long way from the first setup, a line of plaited horse hair tied directly to the end of a 15-18 foot pole, to be both quite high tech and user friendly. In spite the advances in fly fishing tackle manufacture, the very basic elements of the sport have remained the same, fishing with a bit of feathers and fluff contrived on a small hook to look like a fly or bug, and the simplicity of this is a large factor that continues to intrigue its many legions of followers.

Like all sports, the better you understand the conditions under which you are going to use your fishing tackle, the easier it is to select the correct tackle. So if you are just browsing tackle or shoping for gear, visit our gear store for the latest prices on tackle, along with the full manufacturers details on all current tackle available.

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A Beginning

This sport has surged in popularity since the end of the second world war. The tackle used, like all sports gear, has evolved and become more user friendly over this time span. To understand the basic beginnings of the sport, we need to go back to the 1600 hundreds and England . The art or sport, probably evolved or was developed by Charles Cotton, who added a section on fly fishing to the fifth edition of the Compleat Angler. (nb: Originally published in 1653 by Isaac Walton, this book has gone through 400 seperate editions) It was during this period of time, in the running English chalk streams, that this type of fishing really got its start.

The Edge

An edge is nothing more or less than it sounds: the edge where a stream side log meets the water, the edge of a midstream boulder, the intersection of fast and slow currents, or the bankside edge of the stream itelf. Trout favour these edges as they typically offer some combination of food and shelter. While rising trout are somtimes found in other areas of the stream, randomly rising over the length of broad pool - edges are as close to being a rule as one finds when after trout. A trout holding in slow water adjacent to a fast current has easy water in which to swim, thereby conserving energy. At the same time, the trout can pluck food from the nearby fast water that brings insects and other drifting fare in greatest abundance. As another example, a trout may feed near a stump, obtaining ample food while ready to dart under the nearby cover if an otter, fisherman, or other predator happens along. It is this fragile balance between survival and efficient feeding that most often determines where trout are found, and much of the time that means edges. -- John Merwin
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