Rocky Mountain Fly Fishing
Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Colorado and Utah

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The Rocky Mountains run the full length of the united states, from the border with Mexico through into Canada. Run off and meltwater from the snow covered peaks feed famous rivers such as Madison, Firehole, Yellowstone, Gallatin, Big Hole, Big Horn, Green and Henrys Fork (But to name just some). For more than one hundred years, anglers have been making pilgramages to these renowned rivers, and they still hold sway as one of the most exciting places to fly fish for trout. Most fly fishing in the rockies is done in and around Yellowstone national park, although lots of the best fly fishing is found in a large area covering Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Colorado and Utah.

Rocky Mountain trout fishing is for brown, rainbow, brook and cutthroat species predominately, with cut throat being the only native species. When visiting the rockies, the serious angler should be well equiped to handle small waters, such as a small 4 foot wide stream, in the same day as they might also have to handle the larger waters of a river like yellowstone. Not uncommon to find yourself on both of these in a single day in the rockies.

When to Go
Fly fishing season usually does not start until the spring thaw has come and gone (water levels drop and water temperature increases), which is usually in June (but not always). The season continues through until October when it starts to snow again. Some of the best fishing is had late in the season when the brown trout start to spawn. Visiting fly fisherman should come prepared for the possibility for the weather turning poor very quickly. (It can and quite often does snow every month of the year in the rockies).

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