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For over 100 years fly fisherman have been coming to Norway to catch atlantic salmon. Norway has some of the largest atlantic salmon anywhere in its many fjordes, rivers and lakes which are scattered all around the country. The spectacular country side of Norway with its Fjordes, cliffs rising thousands of feet from the sea, pine and fir forests, and glaciers make it one of the most magical places to visit. In Norway the Atla river is the jewel in the crown, with it being the prime destination for visiting salmon fisherman.

Atlantic salmon in Norway tend to stay at sea longer and are therefore larger. The Atla river fish average is around 26 lbs on an average week, with the genuine possibility of catching a 40 lb salmon everyday. The fly fishing in Norway rivers is quite often done on very wide rivers, including the Atla, by where a boat is required. The rivers really are quite large and fast, and sturdy fly gear is required.

When to Go
The season is short only lasting from the beginning of June to mid August. Norway is in the far north and summer months tend to enjoy 24 hour sunlight.

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