New Zealand Fly Fishing
Trout Fishing in the Southern Hemisphere

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New Zealand is the jewel in the crown for pacific fly fishing destinations. Both the north and south islands are criss crossed with rivers and streams that are famous for their sizeable trout. Spectacular scenery and a friendly layback population make New Zealand a classic fly fishing destination.

Rainbow trout and brown trout were both introduced at the turn of the century (1900's) and have prospered since. It is these species that are the real targets of fly fisherman visiting New Zealands streams and rivers. New Zealand fly fishing is predominately sight fishing, meaning that you don't cast until you see your quarry. This means that time is spent travelling up and down streams looking for your quarry. A lot of New Zealand fly fisherman are very good nymph fisherman.

When to Go
Being in the southern hemisphere, the summer months are opposite to what they are in the northern hemisphere. Fishing season opens in october and runs through to march. New Zealands weather is highly unpredictable and large amounts of rain can fall overnight and raise water levels from one day to the next. It does rain every month of the fishing season and when travelling to New Zealand, it just has to be accepted that rain can happen.

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