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Brown Trout and Chalkstream Rivers

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England, the home of fly fishing is both challenging and timeless. Although fly fishing an be found in many of the rivers and streams all over the country, it is the chalkstream river system in the south, Hampshire and Wiltshire, that attracts the large number of fly fisherman. The chalk bottoms of these river systems, (that include the Test, Bourne, Hampshire/Wiltshire Avon with its tributaries the Nadder and the Wylye; the Itchen and the Kennet) makes the waters cystal clear and yields an abundance of fly life. It is this large variety of flies for the trout to feed upon that makes fly selection a true art, along with making fly fishing these rivers a challanging and rewarding experience.

Stocks of wild brown trout have fallen over recent years, especially in the lower reaches of the rivers. These are now stocked with non-indigineous species of brown and rainbow trout. Therefore it is the headwaters that have the most appeal for the fly fisherman wanting to experience the original charm of the sport. Originally the brown trout of these rivers provided the eggs to stock the worlds rivers with brown trout. True wild brown trout have a reputation for strength and cunning, and the clear waters of the chalk streams require carefull stalking and subtley when presenting a fly.

When to Go
The fly fishing season runs from April 1 to October 1. Although most fly fisherman wait for Mayfly season which starts around the fourth week of may and ends sometime around the middle of June. After the end of mayfly season, the fishing settles down again.

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