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Fishing Rod

Rod Basics

Excluding the fly rod for the moment, there are two main types of fishing rods, spinning and baitcasting.

Spinning Rod - these type of models are generally distinguished by the reel seat beneath, along with the guides also hanging beneath. The length of the handle is balanced against the length of the rod, and the grip has no triggers. Open faced reels are generally associated with this type of model.

Baitcasting Rod - these types of models are generally distinguished by having a trigger grip (for more accurate casting), the reel and the guides are both designed to sit on the top of these rods. Closed faced reels are generally associated with this type of rod.

Rods are made from either graphite, fiberglass or a composite material. The graphite is more lightweight, sensitive and flexiable, whereas the fiberglass rods are generally more durable. With many fisherman travelling to fish, the rise of the travel rods (which are constructued out of multiple joined togethor parts) has offered the fisherman the chance to pack their rods easily within a suitcase.

Fly Rod

Fly Rod Basics

The three main factors affecting rods are, length, action and weight (line weight).

Length - largely determined by your own preference and build, length is usually between 7 & 9 feet long.

Action - the manner in which the rod bends, usually referred to as fast, medium and slow. Fast for longer casts and slow for more acurate closer casts.

Weight - (line weight) designated fly-rod weights run from 1(lightest) to 12(heaviest). Light rods are for small flies, small fish and small waters. Heavy rods take bigger flies and bigger fish.

Weight Fish Water Type
1 - 4 smaller trout, panfish small streams, spring creeksm small sheltered ponds
5 - 7 larger trout, panfish, bass, small slatwater fish larger rivers, ponds, lakes, protected (wind free) saltwater
8 - 9 salmon, steel head, bass, bone fish big rivers, lakes, saltwater flats
10 - 12 stripped bass, bluefish, big bass, tarpon any big rough water or any case where large flies are used

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