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Fishing Lure

Fishing Lure Basics

A lure is anything that attracts the fish. Typically most people recognise a lure an an artifical fish design which has hooks attached to it, this artifical bait is normally brightly colored and represents a smaller fish that a larger fish ideally wants to feed on. But lures encompass many more designs and options than just small fish. Large flies are often termed a lure by fly fishers, new electronic lures have also made an apperance on the scene.
The design and variety of lures available is vast, with many being designed by professional lure makers.


Waders Basics

There are quite a few designs of waders available, but they can be broken down by two main attributes, chest high waders or waist high waders, stockinged foot waders or booted foot waders.

Chest High and Waist High - waders are very much dependant on what sort of fishing you do, and how enthusiastic/confident a wader you are. Some fishers are happy to wade deep in order to chase that elusive catch, while others are more inclined to try casting further or try for an easier spot.

Stockinged Foot - waders work with wading boots that do up over the outside of the wader covered foot. These wading boots are designed to cope well with the continued wetting and drying they undergo. Typically these are felt soled boots.

Boot Footed - waders have boots with proper treaded soles built into the waders. The waders soles can be either a felt kind or a treaded kind.

Sole Choice - for waders felt generally works better on wet rocks, but sand sticks to them and they do not grip well on mud banks. Treaded soles are good for sand and mud, but do not grip well on wet rocks.

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